Dinner @ the Shack

Summer ShackWe took Dad & Myra to the Summer Shack in Cambrindge for dinner. It’s certainly not our favorite seafood place, but it’s great for when you’ve got folks from out of town and a limited amount of time. Normally we would head to Woodman’s or maybe The Barking Crab.

We think they liked it but we were a little suprised that the menu/specials seemed a bit overwhelming. There’s lots of “fancier” items that get top-billing, but the basic stuff can be hard to figure out. You can spend a lot of time searching for something simple like fish & chips–it’s under Fried Food as “beer battered native fish and chips”. Not sure if that’s intentional.
I had wood-grilled striped bass and it was really excellent. It was a great antidote for my failed attempt to grill some red snapper a few days earlier.

Written on August 24, 2006