The blurb read: “the result of a marriage between Southern Italian Cuisine and Peruvian Cuisine.” Sounds scary, no? Well, when your only possible complaint of an evening is that your water glass sat empty for a bit too long, I’d call that a winner.

After a stroll on the Pru SkyWalk with Dad & Myra, we all headed for the North End for dinner. Fearing a crush of fellow Friday night diners, I had made reservations through OpenTable at Taranta, a place I’d never heard of. In retrospect, the neighborhood was uncrowded and we probably could have gotten in at Maurizio’s or (are you kidding?) Giacamo’s.

It was the final day of Boston Restauarant Week, and we were presented with the prix fixe, $30.06 menu. I won’t detail everyone’s meal, but I had a caesar salad, skirt steak with peach chutney, peruvian asparagus (just like regular asparagus as far as I could tell) and roasted potatoes, and for dessert, a chocolate hazelnut mousse thingy.

Written on August 27, 2006