Hog Wild

Jenny & I had the pleasure of attending the opening game of the Arkansas Razorbacks football season in Fayetteville, AR last weekend. If you’ve never experienced the tailgate scene surrounding Razorback home games, it looks something like this:

The Razorback SmokerExcept imagine that crowd spread in a radius of 1/2 mile around the stadium. Our seats, FYI, were about 10 rows down from the top, right below that middle light pole.

The huge Razorback smoker pictured sits at a point above the north rim of the stadium and is visible from just about any seat. When the Hogs score a touchdown, it emits a blast of smoke from the snout, like this:The Razorback Smoker (closeup)

I wish I could say I got to try some of those ribs, but we’d already feasted on some delicious tailgate fare provided by a friend of my Dad’s.

Final score: USC Trojans 50, Razorbacks 14. Thanks to Uncle Joe & Melva for the tix.

Written on September 7, 2006