The Italian Couple

Last week, when Jenny & I were in Little Rock, there were several conversations concerning where do we eat tonight? One suggestion that kept popping up was,* how about the Italian couple, some new restaurant that was receiving lots of buzz. During all these conversations Jenny & I assumed this “Italian couple” label was just some kind of shorthand or nickname because no one could remember or pronounce the actual name. Well, that was the actual name, *The Italian Couple. Aaaaaand we never ended up eating there.

Anyway, last night we at at our own personal Italian Couple: Stefano & Grazia, some newish friends of ours, originally from Roma & Napoli, respectively. Stephano is probably more of a foodie than I’ll ever be, and the two of them treated us to a fantastic dinner.

We started with a plate of cold, poached shrimp w/ avocado, follwed by smoked salmon served w/ the usual accompaniments. The main course was a pork tenderloin wrapped in puffed pastry w/ sauted mushrooms and a big bowl of some of the best green beans I’ve ever had. Much thanks to both Stefano & Grazia.

Written on September 10, 2006