Block Party

Our neighborhood had it’s 5th annual block party yesterday afternoon. Jenny & I have been fixtures since year one. It takes place in the park right across the street from our house, so it’s almost like having a big party in our front yard.


Our contributions included a big dish of pulled-pork BBQ (saved and frozen from the previous weekend) and some hot dogs with Sweet Jalapeno Relish. An unidentifed attendee brought some really excellent baked beans that went well with the BBQ. Both received very good reviews.

One of my neighbors is a member of the New England Barbeque Society (NEBS) and an experienced BBQ judge; he gave the pork very high marks. The consensus on the relish was that it was really tasty but not hot enough, which is suprising considering how many jalapenos went into it. :)

Written on September 18, 2006