Censorship Sucks (aka, Chow.com can kiss my user-content-generating a**)

Chow, baby.The other day, in response to a Chow.com post requesting suggestions for good eats near the Cambridge/Belmont line, I received the following message from the moderators at Chow.com:

bq. *Subject: Chowhound – Note from Moderator*

Hi lbjay, you’ve been sent the following by a Chowhound moderator:
We are not currently accepting postings about Craigie Street Bistrot. Please refrain from posting further about this place while we investigate a problem with some postings about this restaurant.

*Your post:*

_I bet you’re within walking distance of Craigie Street Bistro, just over the Cambridge line. Follow Mt.Auburn until it crosses Rt 2/3/16 (whatever the heck that is at that point) and becomes Brattle Street. It’s maybe another 1/4 mile past there? http://www.craigiestreetbistrot.com/_

Huh, ok.

Undaunted, I returned to the discussion thread and posted a second time, this time suggesting that the person check out a “bistro” nearby on a street that “rhymes with _Graigie_”. This post was apparently yanked as well, although I didn’t receive a second notification from the moderators.

The mystery to me is, are the chow.com moderators really so dumb that they can’t distiguish between a legitimate post and comment spam? I’m assuming they have some kind of automatic flagging system that catches comments that contain references to “Craigie Street Bistro”. But once these messages are caught it shouldn’t take an Einstein to assess whether they are spam or not spam. Idiots.

PS, Craigie Street Bistro rocks.

Written on June 29, 2007