Weekly Menu, July 15-20

We came home with a few pounds (at least) of pick-you-own green and wax beans as part of our Busa Farm CSA. So you can guess what’s going to be featured this week.

h5. Sunday

  • Cous-cous w/ dried apricots and pecans
  • Grill-roasted green/wax bean medley w/ sun-dried tomatoes
  • Fresh peas w/ mint

h5. Monday

h5. Tuesday

  • Greek-style green beans w/ tomatoes
  • Rice
  • Italian sausage (leftover from Sat.)
  • Salad

h5. Wednesday

h5. Thursday

  • Take-out? Flatbreads?

h5. Friday

  • Grilled Garlic Shrimp
  • Hobo potatoes
  • salad
Written on July 15, 2007