5 things I’m embarrased to admit I used to eat a lot

Why do I try so hard to eat better these days? Because I’ve got a lot to atone for. I’m from Arkansas and grew up almost full-time as a latch-key kid. So right there you’re combining a built-in hankering for salty crap, plus a dearth of nutritional supervision.

My Top 5

# Saltine crackers spread with margarinetrans fat on top of trans fat
# Canned tamales – it’s funny, because tamales (the real ones) are actually my all time favorite food.
# Steak-Ums – just horrifying
# Chewable vitamins – like candy, baby!
# Fritos dipped in Miracle_whip – believe it or not, possibly the least unhealthy thing on this list

Any hey, why not; let’s try to kick start a blog meme! I hearby tag a bunch of my fellow Boston-area food bloggers: Beyond Salmon, Off The Bone, Urban Drivel, Food on the Food, Sunday Night Dinner & Eat and Destroy.

Written on September 9, 2007