5 Things From Reading The Omnivore’s Dilema

Great book. Probably you’ve heard of it. Deservedly one of the NYT Review of Books Top 10 for 2006. I also recommend browsing Michael Pollan’s site where he links to lots of online lectures and podcast interviews.

So here’s some decisions/ideas that came about as a result of reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma.

  1. No more supermarket eggs for me.
  2. Maybe wild mushroom hunting isn’t really so scary.
  3. I will always love corn, but it is difficult now to look at a delicious, grilled ear of corn or a slice of cornbread or a bowl of corn chowder the same way.
  4. Those .99 cent cheeseburgers don’t really cost .99 cents–spread the word.
  5. How does eating local scale to feed more than just an elite handful of the relatively wealthy and/or an extremely dedicated and hard-working subset of the population? Is “local” and “scale” actually an oxymoron?

Next on my list is a similar book, Against The Grain, by Richard Manning. What I think was an excerpt from the book was published in Harper’s as The Oil We Eat, and I’m really looking forward to the full length treatment.

Written on January 1, 2008