Nice pizza, d00d!

Some guy spent six years and probably tons of $$ trying to replicate the pies from his favorite pizza shop. He finally succeeded apparently (you may have to follow the “mirrored by” links at the top). It’s hard to blame him; it looks like a pretty damn good pie.


The key things, according to Jeff:

  1. High heat, preferably 825F
  2. Proper kneading technique
  3. The right kind of yeast

I (unintentionally) got my grill up to about 650 degrees during our recent block party. I wonder if that would be good enough…

Bonus: there’s a link to an online shop called Sourdo that sells sourdough starters. I’ve made a couple of psuedo-starters by leaving some yeast, water and flour in the bread machine overnight, but always been on the lookout for the real thing.

Written on September 19, 2006